Wednesday, July 29, 2009

story - III.

July. 2009. in New York
How complicated to refill your T-Mobile Prepaid Phone (?)
They are not doing it with a computer, like everywhere abroad. You`ve to get the refill card
/you can buy it at the Tobacco Store/ You`ve to follow the instruction on the card.
1st. Step, You`ve to call the number /you can find it on the card/ than wait....than you`ll hear the voice; press this and that button ! Not easy to do it -
2nd call; wait again to talk to the representative /you`re holding a phone another 15-20 minits.........
the representative will ask your phone number -/they can see it on their monitor, but they
are want to hear your voice/ than they are put you on -hold- after that She or He`ll tell you; -You are not in their system ! - /you where using the same phone with a same slip card for more than a week, -that time you where in their System?/
3rd step; She or He`ll ask your slim card number -/what does it means?/ - You`ve to hung up again and turn off your phone and take out the battery and remove the slim card and write down the numbers.........after that you did it, than you`ve to call back and wait for a voice sounds, again
another 15-20 minutes, finally you can talk to a Real Person /another representative/-you`ve to repeat yourself -than you can tell them the slim card number, the representative`ll tell you ,
3 number is missing from your slim card numbers......The representative`ll give you a number what you have to call back........ That is a Long Game, what you`ve to play with their rules on their way ! /takes about one hour / Finally, you can get the 10 dollars refill -and-
You got a special feeling at the end, the Shaw is over ! than you can celebrate
the way how you feel like, that was the All Fool`s Day !

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LilySkat said...

You have a prepaid phone?? That is crazy expensive!! Why?