Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The future is not a hallucinated imagination!
The Humans are so envious and they`re
Ruin the nice part of our everyday life.
/this is not only one scribbling/
The evidence so evident.
There is a sign on the Bulletin Board…
No next step to find a new and right solution the
A yellow lighter will give a more lights.(?)
July 1.2009.
Special place full with kind of hocus-pocus. The typical human charcters are; envious,cheating,lying,misleads...etcetera.
Here is an easy samples; When you pay for the work?-for the watchmakes,jewelers,butchers,car mechanics or bricklayers..?-When the job is fully finished !?!
How about the lawyears or doctors ?
an other line; - at the grocery store. Just, enough to buy one bag of fresh /5kg./potato,paying for it and take it home. When you`re starting to skined,clean it before cooking it,than you found out,half of it deterorated,soft,old potato.----------Start to think about the car mechanics,jewelers,lawyers,doctors,grocery stores... than comes up the questionable points. which one is the better way; to pay for the jobs or services in front of or later?
I`m very interesting to read or hear the Best answer for this easy question !



Thursday, July 19, 2012

homeless`s home - modern slavery

 2012. July. /Szeged-Foka at the river side Tisza, Hungry/

Today`s time to compare to the slavery era. a lot of people,almost everybody working like the slaves-just, to pay their bills for a living month to months. Maybe, not necessary to start to write about it because , many people knows and feels it . That is the way on this planet until a new idea will not show up./how many the thinkers number today?/ The different differences are not reaching the good points.That basic problem brings up the new questions...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Antique pepper mill

Thursday, July 5, 2012

injured tree

.....in the convalescent environment !