Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tulip Tree

Magnolia Tree

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tidbit for Tourists

The Tourists and his Girlfriend in a small town,walking on the street dressed well. He was wearing an old motorcycle jacket and an interesting boots on his foot.The companion has a small backpack on Her back and She was holding a shooping bag in Her hand. The Time is 10Pm.They saw a vibration light signal above a door,stepped in to the place it was dark inside. They wanted to turn around and go away. Two persons was inside,one bartender woman and a bouncer.They thought;the couple was; Homeless./that is one kind of discrimination,already!/ The bouncer expelled-grabbed the tourist`s ring finger  twisted, broke it and grab His Jacket at the shoulder and throw Him out. The Tourist was rolling on the Street and stand up. His finger was swollen right away in front of His eye.The couple went to the Clinic`s emergency section at night. The bouncer created a big,serious problem in that two minuts./fast acting like a "worthless animal"/ Today; the Tourist has to deal with a pains and misery`s.More important part of this Story; the tourist`s hand with His fingers are His -working tools-that moment will remaining Him forever-rest in His life.The broken finger never will be good again,how it was before./since than;the tourist got a surgery at the Clinic, the doctor built in two crews to hold his broken bone together. The screws inside will stay forever./ What happened it is a crime,against to the Law.But,since than not much happened. If, You want to read more details(?)
 Do Not hesitate to ask!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fee adverstisement...

few tidbit,only;  high corruption.
store; the salesman doesn`t have a sympathies with a customers,can`t give a full help. the goods are not have an understandable user insruction.
post office; too many mistake and slow delivery,the registered mail get lost and disappear.
health care; the waiting lists and time to takes so long.not easy to get the right prescription. example; one eye stye making a complication - so childish. waarts are the same.after the medical-plus-home treatment,stays forever,almost.
butcher store; cheating with the weight and prices.
supermarket; the same items has a different prices..

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trifle II.

 undesirable home
 midden in town
Rulles and Laws are so mixed. Many hours can talk about it,circling around the point with no meaning. Special law for the money interest it is taxation in the Banks,meanwhile will be deducted instantly,automatically by mounths.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Shool chess booklet from the last century

maybe,  need it today?
End of the World is coming, before the fate is ends.? Today is a last chance for happeness(?)-/wrong/- 
Most of the problems created by the governments(?) part of the population are not reliable. 
Generally typical,characters; bleary roily,steal,hatred,rob,selfishness,malice,crowded envy..etc. 
The big question; how to live a straight life? - Hard,without the right solution. 
Where and how we can find it? 
What should I think-Not necessary to howl?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Antique-hair clips

 last century

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trifles or real dreamers

The  accuracy is not a virtue.. Certain places are so interesting,even can not name it...The everyday of life is full with many ridiculous things and the little points are together become a serious problems.Long time ago somebody told me;"the small places residents has a small human brains"/Not an  easy to belive that but, maybe that is the way of secret how it works(?)
The details looks and sounds like it happens at the psychological closed section . The stupid, dummies lead by their nose like in the lunatics home.
                                Continue   -   /be patience/

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Concluded Scream

The silliness has to stop everywhere.
Do not kill the World. Do not slow down the Humans creative Life.
This Planet is not so big size of ball. Who ever lives here,thay`ve to take care of it.
The life is a short period of the Time to live. Do not act like a worst kind of animal.
Who need a wrong politics and money-this are the points,what creating the Not necessary problems.
The system wrong and dominate this Planet.The brain is started to tied to grow on the wrong trendy centered Life-ridiculous, stop it.
We have to hurry to find advanced another kind of right and winner direction.
The future could be based on Art and creativity. Everybody has to do their jobs on the best and
logical way. Our knowledges are the will and that is enough for the better future.
We deserve it and the Life will Love us.      Marc.2012.