Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Concluded Scream

The silliness has to stop everywhere.
Do not kill the World. Do not slow down the Humans creative Life.
This Planet is not so big size of ball. Who ever lives here,thay`ve to take care of it.
The life is a short period of the Time to live. Do not act like a worst kind of animal.
Who need a wrong politics and money-this are the points,what creating the Not necessary problems.
The system wrong and dominate this Planet.The brain is started to tied to grow on the wrong trendy centered Life-ridiculous, stop it.
We have to hurry to find advanced another kind of right and winner direction.
The future could be based on Art and creativity. Everybody has to do their jobs on the best and
logical way. Our knowledges are the will and that is enough for the better future.
We deserve it and the Life will Love us.      Marc.2012.

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