Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tax free dreams...

                                                             Quince torso...

I`m getting dreams without  tax. The tensed surrounding giving me ideas.
Try to step over . But,it is hard.  Just,can not mix the watermelon with cheese-
/the whole of the cheese are swallowing the sweet part of the melon./
 No points or questions…Just, keep the strictly accurate line of art.
 No money, no politics ..not even necessary to talk about the weather changes.
 Not demonstrate against the Nature World.   
Just, work and live a creative life.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

too many holes,questions wairing for to fill them....

      Payday……  once a month, after the hard day all the way home reach the Bank to pick up the                   monthly salary  /evening, after work hour 11pm/  The government came up with a new rule for the minimum wage. The company`s owners start to use an old idea. The  output has to be 100% to get the minimum payment any people can not make it, even to use the overtime works, either/ minimum wage need to cover the low level everyday life. / all salary  meets with a 50-60% - only./ The Banks are charging a handling price, call it –cost of treatment./automatically deduct / mo./   Continuing the story, keep walking home, robbery happens on the public street. Not safety  environment.the crime is high. The basic reasons are  the low wage, high prices, bad mismanagement. / even, the sales tax is high 27% and they are planning to raise it up…/ Nothing is perfect we know that but, the wrong management create a big problems, what is reaching every ones, almost. The main point, something wrong with a heads  or  just, guessing the head`s computer has a damage or the programs are not good(?) This kind of every day life brings up a big questions, how to keep the level of life?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hungarian labor force enacted style

Repair the pavement on the street. Small 9 spots patching mend,only.
The work started on Sept.10-th. 11th..the time is 11:30am. One hour later somebody was screaming; lunch time at 12:30pm. The lunch time was ended  at 1:10pm,that day
 the work was over at 1:15pm.  Sept.12-16th..Break Days.

Monday Sept.17th  start, not a mending  just, take away the  rest debris at 9:55am
The work was finished at 10:19am and the workers go away. They  left their working glows and the shovels at the place with a left-over debris.
The workers arrived back at 10:44am for the waist debris. They shovel it up for the  Truck/small Van/ and they  go off. - Somebody ask them a question;when they`ll finish the work? –The answer was: Some days !

That day they finished the work at 3:35pm.But,they didn`t finished the last small half spot.
Run out of the asphalt !  The pavement stayed alone for another four days.
Sept.25th. people show up again to move away the left-over debris, again/ 20 minutes/
The small spot not finished, still waiting for…..
Finale -  The  time came for the final finish . Oct. 8th.  Four person did the  final work, started at 2:05pm –ended at 2:25pm. Now it is over !