Thursday, October 11, 2012

too many holes,questions wairing for to fill them....

      Payday……  once a month, after the hard day all the way home reach the Bank to pick up the                   monthly salary  /evening, after work hour 11pm/  The government came up with a new rule for the minimum wage. The company`s owners start to use an old idea. The  output has to be 100% to get the minimum payment any people can not make it, even to use the overtime works, either/ minimum wage need to cover the low level everyday life. / all salary  meets with a 50-60% - only./ The Banks are charging a handling price, call it –cost of treatment./automatically deduct / mo./   Continuing the story, keep walking home, robbery happens on the public street. Not safety  environment.the crime is high. The basic reasons are  the low wage, high prices, bad mismanagement. / even, the sales tax is high 27% and they are planning to raise it up…/ Nothing is perfect we know that but, the wrong management create a big problems, what is reaching every ones, almost. The main point, something wrong with a heads  or  just, guessing the head`s computer has a damage or the programs are not good(?) This kind of every day life brings up a big questions, how to keep the level of life?

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