Monday, October 8, 2012

Hungarian labor force enacted style

Repair the pavement on the street. Small 9 spots patching mend,only.
The work started on Sept.10-th. 11th..the time is 11:30am. One hour later somebody was screaming; lunch time at 12:30pm. The lunch time was ended  at 1:10pm,that day
 the work was over at 1:15pm.  Sept.12-16th..Break Days.

Monday Sept.17th  start, not a mending  just, take away the  rest debris at 9:55am
The work was finished at 10:19am and the workers go away. They  left their working glows and the shovels at the place with a left-over debris.
The workers arrived back at 10:44am for the waist debris. They shovel it up for the  Truck/small Van/ and they  go off. - Somebody ask them a question;when they`ll finish the work? –The answer was: Some days !

That day they finished the work at 3:35pm.But,they didn`t finished the last small half spot.
Run out of the asphalt !  The pavement stayed alone for another four days.
Sept.25th. people show up again to move away the left-over debris, again/ 20 minutes/
The small spot not finished, still waiting for…..
Finale -  The  time came for the final finish . Oct. 8th.  Four person did the  final work, started at 2:05pm –ended at 2:25pm. Now it is over !