Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The future is not a hallucinated imagination!
The Humans are so envious and they`re
Ruin the nice part of our everyday life.
/this is not only one scribbling/
The evidence so evident.
There is a sign on the Bulletin Board…
No next step to find a new and right solution the
A yellow lighter will give a more lights.(?)
July 1.2009.
Special place full with kind of hocus-pocus. The typical human charcters are; envious,cheating,lying,misleads...etcetera.
Here is an easy samples; When you pay for the work?-for the watchmakes,jewelers,butchers,car mechanics or bricklayers..?-When the job is fully finished !?!
How about the lawyears or doctors ?
an other line; - at the grocery store. Just, enough to buy one bag of fresh /5kg./potato,paying for it and take it home. When you`re starting to skined,clean it before cooking it,than you found out,half of it deterorated,soft,old potato.----------Start to think about the car mechanics,jewelers,lawyers,doctors,grocery stores... than comes up the questionable points. which one is the better way; to pay for the jobs or services in front of or later?
I`m very interesting to read or hear the Best answer for this easy question !

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