Tuesday, July 28, 2009

exciting story (? ) - I.

Buy a cigarette in 2009.
Location; New York - I just, wanted to buy a pack of cigarette
at the Pharmacy.
I was waiting in line and I told Her, what kind of cigarette I want to get.
The Cashier Girl, ask my date of birth, askew. My answer was a question;
Why you are asking me that? -
She said; " I have to register it "
/that was a surprise - how about my shoe size? /
/ Whatever could Happen (?) - I was so curious and I told Her;
I do not have a Birthday or I just, don`t remember! /
She said; - You can not buy a cigarette. - Ok ! /I said./ and
I told Her My birthday; January 22. 1864.
She did the registration.
/ That is the way, how I became 145 years old /,
but I got my cigarette !

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LilySkat said...

It`s funny, but not surprised!!