Wednesday, July 29, 2009

- story - II

The Clinic, I had an appointment to see a Doctor. So, I was running, try to not to be
late, My camera was with me. When I step in to the door, the Security Guard Stop Me `couse
My Camera Not allowable to bring it in... finally, an other Lady told me just, take out the lens,
than I can go. I did it after, when I pass the door, I put it back. Nobody stop me.
I just, start to think about it....and I questioned myself, why they didn`t check the cell phones ?
few good one has a built in excellent camera.
When somebody want to take a picture inside a Clinic, they can use their cell phone, it is able to take a perfect photograph !
I just, couldn`t find the logical answer.
I do not have to take nothing earnestly, No gravity today ?

After the visit, I got my prescription from the Doctor, I went to three different Pharmacy to get my medicine. I couldn`t get it because none of them has it ! I got enough and I asked
somebody at the Pharmacy; What should I do, where can I get my medicine ?
The answer was; go to the Medicine Supply House. /where is located? /
Nobody could Help me!
at this time I didn`t start to think about nothing I just, realized something,
The humans lost their brain (?) - or - They are just, got lazy with an empty head (?)
The laziness is the Trend today ?

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