Thursday, November 8, 2012

old potato-2

One kind of level…
The standard and the high corruption are good friends,they are works together very well.
Many examples cab show that,……..all prices jumping, rising up quickly.
….one day woks sometimes need a full month.     ….one day holiday is celebrated 4 days.
No works,no sickness on holidays. After the holiday the clinics,hospitals, Health centers are full with sick people. Between the holidays  a  lot of people, residents are nervous, repeatedly per month.The time of days,weeks,months are irritating.
…salaries are too low, the crime is high. Residents are living their ordinary life on the sad way. The happiness is missing.  The envy,cheating,malignity are growing. /word; logics make up for use the word;malevolent./   Bills are coming every week. One kind of harassing,the water meter reader coming to the house very often.
Another example; oculist tell to the patient at the 3rd.visit;”The time will cure. I don`t want ro see you anymore.”   All irritating motives at one place. This are the basic  problems why,the
Population is decreasing. Everybody should start to think about today and the future. 

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