Friday, September 25, 2009

only one ticket

outrageous and irritating reality,
My Mother and Me went to the pedicour Salon. We took the local
Trolley-Bus. /everybody need a ticket for the Bus /look like a Token-card/
I`ve a little booklet full with tickets. The Teolley-Bus or Tram has 2 different
kind of ticket punch machine./no conductore, only a controller/
first kind of machine, stamping the pale date,only
second kind of machine, punching the hole on the ticket.
/the whole system and the machines are wrong./
Once upon a time...,one unnecessary ticket inspector showed up at the next
stop and started to check the passengers tickets. I had one, but I used the
wrong one /it has a pale date what I didn`t see and that is the point what created a problem/We had an appointment with a chiropodist so, we where in hurry ! The malicious ticket inspektor was following Us, like a dog. 5-6 blocks and we cross the Park the inspector was still following Us to the door. After that, I was seating in the chair at the Salon.
My foot was in the worm water, than the Police arrived to the Salon /three of them/ Two older
Ladys was trambled at the same room, nobody know what is going on? The Police did there works they where checking up on Me; my name, my Mother`s name, date of Birth, and my address.... the ticket inspectore was on the front. The situation look like, I am a criminal.
The two older Woman got scared,almost. That was a harassing fright at the pedicure Salon.
My Mother had a Birthday last week, She was celebrating her 89th.
this story was so silly and happened at 11:35 am. The Time right now 6 pm and my Mom
still anxious and nervous. /that is the way, how the Life goes in Hungary?/
My inscription to the Tourists . If, somebody needs a special bad experience or just, want to fill up the Time with not logical things and stupidity/?/ than this is the right place to travel.


Manitu said...

This is my beautiful city :D
I hate this the f***ing comunist country !Unfortunately John this appears every day.shows so you were the public enemy in the controller's eye

John Biro said...

Manitu, Maybe you are ion the right way ? Regards...

LilySkat said...

Welcome in Hungary!!