Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gas bill

Somebody still stealing my electricity and I am the one who is
getting the bill every month. one year was Not enough to investigate ?
Who and How are working here? This question just, a little
ridiculous point. My gas use only 6 therms $ 4.34
+ plus different charges and Taxes add together the Total comes out
$ 23.63 The - delivery charge is the hardest part on the bill.
/How they can sale their gas without delivery?/
I be interested in If, I`ll not use my gas during 1. month, how much
could be my delivery charge?
I am just, so curious - Why ?
Because, last year in September I was in Europe, nobody stayed
here in my apartment. So, my gas & electricity charge was $ 170.91
How it is happened ?
That is still a Magic !

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