Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ridiculous Problem ?

2 light bulbs - created a problem !

Not to complicated to say it; Just a shame on a big company.
I realized that I am paying high bills/mo
I didn`t know that Why, two light bulbs using to much electricity,
/ so, payed my bills at the first two month/ until when I had a conversation with my friend and my neighbour.
Next step, I called con Edison-their answer was just wait 4/mo.
than I went to Europe for 3 weeks when I get back my New Bill was in
my Mail Box $229.00 than, I went to ConEdison personally,
they told me just wait they will investigate it, few days later it is happened
inspected, the electric meter was working recording properly, but the
their inspector found out another service passing through on my meter,
was being used to supply service to another location in the building!
I was calm for few days only, than I got another letter, that is was not a
Final letter about they dissolve the problem /I just thought that/
the reality; that was a new - higher bill. Next day I contact with a State of
New York Department of Public Service. Few month later, I got a letter
from them--"Since Con Edison of New York did not previously resolve
this matter to your satisfaction, We has escalated your concern to senior
staff at the company"-----No End--No , achievement or Final result !
days ago I talk to somebody in Albany, the Person told me just Wait and
Pay the monthly bills otherwise they will turn of my electricity.
I start to think about it, I am getting great Ideas the time, when I am
sitting on the Toilet pan. My Next step will be, I will ask con Edison
turn off my electricity . I am just so curious for the other -"part owner"-
The whole story is ridiculous today, 2009th we are in the 21st Century!
This short story creating another question in my mind; If,the big Firms
can Not dissolve this laughable little problems, - than - How the Lead
can deal with bigger problems?- how they can cease it?-and how long it
takes to abolish the problems?
/my story started almost a year ago and still running..../

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